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"You’re strong. It’s the women in our family: You. Me. Your auntie. Your grandma. We’re all like this. We’re the planners, the doers, and the perfectionists who don’t want help. Sometimes though, we forget that we’re human. We forget that it’s okay to feel. We can’t accept that it’s okay for things to be less than okay. You get that from me and I got it from my mom, and I’m sorry. Because I know it hurts like hell when that happens. But I know you’re going to be okay— because you’re my daughter. Because you ARE strong in the best of ways. I love you, and I am proud of you."

- My mom (via theimprobablefiction)

A reminder for me, but also anyone else who needs it. You are stronger than you realize.

(via theimprobablefiction)